Monday, June 6, 2016

The Kitchen Table that was Free

That's right, free. Sometimes, people just place stuff out on their curb. Sometimes, (I'm lying, always) I take a peek and see if it is something I can use. I simultaneously love and hate that I have this habit. On one hand, hooray for getting free stuff! On the other hand, my garage is sort of a hot mess. I collect and then usually it sits. So when I found this piece, about a month before my wedding, I knew it would sit for a while. In case you haven't noticed, getting married seriously made my furniture flipping non-existent. When I first passed this piece, I said, "NO. LIZ, JUST NO." But... there is sat at the end of the street just begging to be redone. After an evening in our home with friends (and a few drinks), I convinced my sister in law to help me walk it up to our home. It's not light, but not unbearable... So, at midnight, we shimmied it up the street, in flip flops, in the dark, slightly buzzed. I tried to sneak it into the garage, but, there was no way it wouldn't be noticed. It was HUGE! Anyway, there it sat, for almost two months. I am glad she is done and sold to boot. Thanks Vanessa for hauling it up the street with me!!!


I am really bad at before pictures. Sorry.


I love that this table has the fold down options. It makes  for a great space saver. When it is fully open, it can accommodate 8 easily. Unfortunately for us, it is too large for our small space.

It is feeling so good to get some projects done around here!!! Hope you all are doing well!!!

Squeeze - Liz

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