Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dreaming in Color

Hello Everyone! It has been so very long! With the wedding just a little over 40 days away, life has been, well, hectic. I am not complaining, but my poor workshop hasn't been happy. It's loaded with neglected items and half finished projects. I had started this piece almost a year ago. I had a vision, and I kept to that vision, but I most definitely didn't think I was going to leave it for as long as I did. Well, thankfully, I got some time and finished her right up! I am thrilled with the results and it is staying in our home. Where it will go, I have no idea... But, I will not part with it!!! Such a breath of fresh air having this checked off my list and it is soooooo yellow! *Swoon*


I just love the dark stain on top of such a bright color! What do you all think? I hope to be detailing more fun projects soon!!! Missed you all!

Squeeze - Liz

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