Sunday, June 21, 2015

Updated Corner Hutch

It has been a while friends! I feel like I am always giving excuses as to why I have been so busy, but I swear, it is all true! I got a new position at a wine bar and I am loving it! Coupled with the winery, I have been too pooped to pick up a sander or a paintbrush. It is a very good thing indeed, but I have missed my projects!

Did you know that I have a garage full of stuff? Loads of stuff waiting (patiently) for me to beautify them. About a year ago, I bought a corner hutch at a local garden store. I saw it and fell in love with the shape, but was not in love with the look of it. Let's be honest, it needed updating. I feel so bad saying that because I know someone put their love into it. The flowers were hand painted and that takes time. *Says little prayer to the paint gods that I am not doing something very, very wrong.* Anyway, it was time to get this hutch out of the garage and into our home!

Just a couple of days and a few coats of paint later:
I am purposely not showing you the rest of the dining area because I am making some major changes and will reveal that in a later post! Oh and notice the new grout that I showed you in a previous post? So much cleaner!!!
I love this piece! EEK!
Squeeze - Liz

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