Monday, April 6, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Let me start off by saying that this project took FOREVER!!! Not because it was a difficult piece, but because anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. If there was ever a time for Murphy's law to be applicable, this past month would definitely apply. I will focus solely on what went wrong with the project as opposed to everything else that happened. (Blog post on that later)

So... I first got the bed at the end of January. Yes, January. At this time, I was working a lot and knew that it was going to be slow. I don't mean, like two weeks slow, I mean, like a month slow. BUT, now it is the beginning of April!!! That is a crazy turn around time... I am not proud of it and I want to thank Sarah in advance for being a PATIENT rock star! Sarah - You are amazing.

This is the only before pic I have... 

You all remember Sarah? If you don't, I have done a fabulous Blue Chair and some adorable Night Stands for her. When she called me and asked if I would do a bed for her daughter, Elizabeth, I couldn't have said yes faster! Elizabeth is such a sweet little girl and let's be honest, girl stuff is awesome! I was even more excited that she wanted it a shade of berry pink! (Color: Berry Wine by Benjamin Moore) The thing I love about Sarah (yes, I have said this before) is that she knows exactly what she wants. There is no guessing with her. The paint color is sent immediately to me, I ask a few questions and VOILA! So you would assume this would be an easy, quick project, but nooooo.... why, would that ever be the case?

Doin' Work!

Here is what happened...

I was almost done... I mean, putting the last coat on the last piece almost done and the headboard was run into and knocked over. I am not going to name anyone, (ah hem, Lucas), but s**t happens. This thing, this piece of a bed, broke into two as it smacked the ground. It all happened so fast, but there I was, standing over my almost finished piece and there it was BROKEN! And why couldn't it have been just a dent or a ding? Why of all ungodly times, did this piece, the last piece, have to be snapped right down the center?!! I lost it.   

That may not look like a lot, but here is what had to be done. All of the paint needed to come off, then the crack needed to be repaired. Lucas deserves an award. He immediately ran to the hardware store, picked up supplies and got to work. It was cracked on both sides, so we started with one side, bonding and gluing, then did the other side. The curing process is approximately 24 hours each side. We than sanded and sanded to make the bonding seamless. After that, repaint. *sigh*

It actually turned out great, but was such a blow, I just couldn't even deal.

All in all, it got finished! I am happy with the end result and I think, Elizabeth is too!
Sarah - you are amazing! Enjoy!!! Lucas- Thank you for all of your help in repairs!
Squeeze - Liz