Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Dad Got Married!

That is right folks, my dad got married!!! The thing is, my dad is kind of awesome. I know, I know, people always think they have the "best" Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, etc., but in all seriousness, my dad takes the cake. He has been there for EVERYTHING and I mean everything. Even when I was a punk kid, angry at the world, (and everyone for that matter) my dad was never far. I often say that he is the kind of man that was both a father and a mother. He made lunches, taught me how to play ball, watched me cry over boys, held my hand, laughed with me, yelled at me and the list goes on and on. My dad is in the simplest of ways, the best man that I have ever known. 

Me, My Brother (Tommy), My Dad (Tom) and My Sister (Jehn)

I had always thought my dad to be a happy man. He was and always has been, but when he met his now wife, Susie, I didn't know that he could be happier. Yet, he was. He had found a woman who complimented him so exceptionally well, that it was remarkable to see the love blossom between them. Susie is one of the kindest, most heartfelt people I have ever met. She could have easily looked at my dad and his 3 teenage-ish, young adult kids and said, "no, way." But, she didn't. Instead, she took the time to get to know each of us. She understood that we came first for my Dad and she embraced it. She entered our hearts and our family and it was if she had been around all along. 

My Dad and Susie

It was no surprise when they announced their engagement. To me, Susie was already part of the family; but, marriage represents so much more. My dad had not only found his match, he had found the woman he would share the rest of his life with. And she just so happens to be pretty awesome as well. 

Anyway, (sniffs and wipes eyes) let's get to the creative stuff!

I LOVE weddings. I seriously do. I love all the little touches that personalize a wedding. My Dad and Susie had an absolutely beautiful wedding. The one thing (and I swear I am not being biased) that really stood out was their ceremony. It was one of the most heartfelt and personal ceremonies I have ever seen. Simply put, the day was full of love and it kicked off with the ceremony.

Gilligan and Brinkley are integral parts of the family. They are two ridiculously cute dogs. Susie wanted to make sure they were incorporated in the wedding and she knew she wanted to have them in a decorated wagon. So, without further adieu...

Brinkley (White Dog) and Gilligan (Black Dog)
Don't you just want to smush their faces?! So, I decorated the wagon with lots of tulle and bows! Susie wanted it fun and I think we nailed it!
I made a double sided sign for the aisle. When Susie walked down the aisle, it read, "Here Comes the Bride" and when she and my dad finished the ceremony, it read , "Mr. and Mrs."
Going with the same theme of hand painted signs, I made some for the back of their chairs:

No wedding is complete without a cute chalkboard! So, I made this too:

I really enjoyed working with Susie. She knew exactly what she wanted and was quick to send me her ideas. That is always a plus! I am so happy to have been able to help with some of the wedding day touches!
Welcome to the family Susie, Gilligan, and Brinkley!!!

Squeeze - Liz

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