Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goodbye Brown Grout!

We have tile and lots of it. It is great because we live by the beach, so clean up is always easy; however, our grout, is well, dirty looking. I promise you it isn't. I have scrubbed, bleached, hydrogen peroxided the heck out of it and it just remained brown. EEK! So, I started doing some research and found a great blog with great results. Young House Love had raved about using Grout Renew, so I thought, I might as well give it a try.

Before I went all crazy on our bathroom, I tested a small area first. We have some hidden tile where we keep our trashcan, so I did it there. I flipped out over the results. It just looked so CLEAN! and FRESH! and NEW! So, I stayed up until 2 am and did the bathroom. The remainder of the house is now on the list.

I achieved this result by:

1. Sweeping and doing a really good mop. I made sure it was super clean and dry before I applied.

2. Squirt a little on a toothbrush and rub into the grout. Keep a wet cloth by you to wipe up excess on the tile. (You may need to practice to get the hang of it) A little goes a long way.

3. Repeat Step 2.

It is time consuming as you can only work small areas at a time. My bathroom took a little under an hour.

I will keep you posted as I do the remainder of the house!

Squeeze - Liz

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