Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Guest Bedroom Gets a Makeover (Finally)

Confession: I leave my project stuff EVERYWHERE. I mean, everywhere. I have taken over quite a few spaces in our home with projects that I am working on. The guest room was no exception. For the past month, (or more) the guest room has become a mecca of craft supplies. Last week, Lucas dropped a bomb on me... He asked if I could put the room back together! Seriously?! Here is the thing... I knew that he had a surprise weekend in store for me, but why does it matter what the room looks like? He claimed it was because he was tired of looking at all the crap; however, that is not really a Lucas thing to say. Hmmm.... did this mean someone was visiting? Oh no oh no oh nooooo noooo noooo.... This was not a room for people to stay in. And who was coming? Have they been here before? Is it someone I needed to impress? (you know, like my dad?) My mind started racing and I knew the only way that I could relax was to make the room as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Off to work I went!

When we moved in, the walls were a dark purple. So, I changed them to a bluish grey and plopped a bed in it. Voila! Guest room. (I tried looking for photos of the before and I have nothing. Go figure.)

I didn't have much time, so I worked with items I had around my house. The only thing I purchased for the room were the pillows. (Ross, $12 for both!)

The floating headboard is the back of an old porch swing. I painted it and chipped it up to keep it looking old and weathered.


I had a potting bench that I wanted to use in the house and found that it worked beautifully as a side table. This may very well be my favorite use of space in our home right now!

I had found this at the ranch: 

So, add a little chain, a dairy jar and dried lavender and you have yourself a cute corner vignette. 

I have been wanting to display old family photos in a unique way and didn't want a family wall. Again, these display hooks were found out at the ranch and create a perfect display for old photos. Eventually, I would like to get small antique frames for the remainder of the photographs. 

This picture of the boy and girl was in my room growing up. There is something about it that fills me with comfort and I love the way it looks with some candle holders next to it. 

Finally, the Bonne Nuit sign. This means Good Night in French. I used an old fence board to create this sign. I simply love it!

So far, I feel I have made great progress, though I do have a little ways to go. 

Was it worth it?! 

Heck yes! My surprise was these two visiting me!!!! 

This is my brother (Tommy) and sister (Jehn) and they could not have come at a better time! What a treat to have Lucas and my siblings surprise me!!!!! I loved every minute of the weekend.  

Tommy, Lucas, Me and Jehn

Thank you Lucas!!!! Thank you Tommy!!!! Thank you Jehn!!!! I love you all soooooo much!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all are doing well!

Squeeze - Liz     

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