Saturday, June 21, 2014

DIY: Rustic Bath Box

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of a vintage crate I had redone on my Facebook Page. I loved it so much and those who have come by our home always compliment it; so I figured, I would show you how to make this simple charming bath box. 

Here is the Bath Box I made for our home:


I usually hand paint all of my projects, but for this one, I wanted to use a gel transfer. The reason I chose to use a gel transfer for the letters was because I could get a big, chunky font on the box without worrying about me painting it wrong. I really wanted a specific look and was worried that I couldn't do it on my own. So, a gel transfer it was! Also, this technique is so very practical and helps save a lot of time and energy. Let us get to it, shall we?

Here is what you need:

A wood box or crate

Paint (color of your choice)

Steel Wool

Fine Sanding Sponge or Sand Paper

Computer and Printer

Soft Gel

Danish Oil 

Step One:

Get yourself a good old fashioned wood box. I found these out at our ranch, but it doesn't need to be old. In fact, you can purchase wood boxes from any craft store and those will do just fine. 

Step Two: 

Paint your box. I always do at least two coats, but play with it! Paint it in any way you would like! 

Step Three: 

Pick a font you like on your computer and type out what word or phrase you want to use. Get playful here! Make sure your font is large enough to cover the area you want the letters on. I printed out a few sizes and styles before making my final decision. 

This is the VERY important part. When you have decided on the font and size, and you go for your final print, you NEED to mirror your image. On my computer, this is done through the properties tab under print.

Step Four:
*Make sure your box is dry before starting this part*  

Cut your paper around the letters, like so:

Apply your soft gel to the inked portion ONLY. Once applied simply lay your lettering down and press lightly to remove any bubbles. 

Let dry overnight. 

Step Five:

This is the really fun part! Lightly dampen the lettering with a wet paper towel or cloth. Once dampened, start rolling your finger over the letters (very gently) and watch the paper come off and the ink stay!!!!

You want to make sure this part is done slowly and gently. It is very fragile and while we are going for a distressed, worn look, if you get too rough, you will lose your ink. Some smearing of the ink is normal and you can clean it right off with a damp towel. 

Let this dry. (30 minutes is sufficient)

Step Six:

Take your project outside and start rubbing it down with steel wool. 

You can sand it too, but I like steel wool for a more distressed look that just scratches the paint a little. Do this to the entire piece. 

The surface will be rough, so I like to use a fine sanding sponge to finish off the piece. 

Step Seven: 

I like to bring out the distressed area and antique the color by using Danish Oil. 

I use this brand in Dark Walnut:

Apply the Oil all over the piece using a lint free cloth. 

Let Dry. 

That is it!!! You have yourself a rustic box for whatever your heart desires!

Squeeze - Liz

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