Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY: Monogram Mirror

Isn't she lovely?! This was a really fun project for me. Not only is it super easy, it is a really great way to personalize an item for your home!

I posted this gem of a mirror a little over a month ago as an item I had for sale. My neighbor, Rhianna, scooped it up immediately. (I love her because she is not only one of my best clients, but a sweetheart to boot!) 

Here is what it looked like before:

Not bad, but not great. I do love me some distressed white items, but the detail was so pretty on this piece that I wanted to have it pop. It needed to be a statement mirror, so I got to painting and glazing. To use the same technique, follow these simple instructions here.

Rhianna had received wooden monogram letters as a gift (I will post where hers came from as soon as I get that info!) and wanted to do something fun with them. Specifically, she wanted them painted and hung above her bed. So, I got to brainstorming and thought, what if we just put them on the mirror? She and I both were in love with this idea, so I got to painting the letters and applying them to the mirror.

Once the letters were painted, I made sure the surface of the mirror was clean and free of residue. Once clean, I applied Elmer's China and Glass Cement to the back of the letters and applied the letters directly to the mirror. It dried in about 5 minutes and was really easy to use. *Make sure to use a very thin strip of the cement as it will run out the sides as you push down your letters.*

And that is it!!!!! Super easy, super cute and super fun!

 Squeeze - Liz

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