Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Fabulous Blue Chair

This is one of those pieces of furniture that is so unique and detailed, that when I was asked to redo it, I said, yes, immediately! The owner of this fabulous chair is Lucas's step-brother's wife, Sarah. (So... my quasi step sister in law?) Anyway, she texted me one night saying she wanted to change her chair to a glossy blue and the discussion began. 


This chair was a dream to work on. Solid wood, excellent condition and really easy to refinish! It is hard to find great pieces that make the work easy for you, but this one was literally a dream! Just a little sanding and priming and she was ready to go. Sarah was a delight to work with as she was open to all suggestions. Originally, she asked for glossy. After I was done, before applying her finish, I convinced her otherwise. (Sorry Sarah!) Not that I don't like glossy, I do, but I felt the color alone made a statement and was worried a gloss would make it look weird. She said, go for it! Once we got it to her home, the finish just did not look right with her furniture, so off to glossing I went. I have to tell you, Sarah was right all along! The gloss was amazing and made all the details stand out. I wish I would have had a before/after photo to show the difference, but you are just going to have to trust me! 

This is her daughter, Elizabeth, enjoying the chair!

What do you think of the redo? I simply love it! Thank you again Sarah, for the work AND for being right in the long run! :)

Squeeze - Liz

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