Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forgotten Item: Wire Spool Turned Wine Rack

Many of you are aware that I spend a lot of time on Lucas' family ranch and I love it. What is not to love? There are so many neat items that are forgotten, that I cannot help but find use out of them. 

This is what I assume to be an old spool used for wire. 

I found this at the ranch and I loved it. Something about old wire and rust just makes me do a little jump. I sat on this item for a while having a few ideas flow through my head and I decided to make it a wine rack!

This spool is perfect for storing wine! The bottles hang downward (little fun fact: the best and most proper way to store wine is cork down) and looks so darn cute this way! So, if you ever find an old spool, you know what to do with it! Next up on my forgotten item list is vintage vents. There are so many uses and I cannot wait to share them with you!!!! 

Squeeze - Liz


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog for your offer to share my Typography Chest of Drawers! I truly appreciate it!

  2. Nice work, Liz. I wish I can post the photo on my blog.

    I was wondering if you did any modifications or used any tool to make it that way. It looks like the bottles are gonna slip out.

    1. Hi Nigel! Thank you for coming by! If you would like to share the photo, please do so, just credit me and my site! :)

      I did not make any modifications. One side of the spool was 'squeezed' if you will, which allowed me to firmly place the bottles in there. It is tight enough to hold them without them slipping. I do feel, though, if another wire spool was to be used like this one, a simple solution would be to squeeze the wire together to create a tighter space.

      I hope this helps!!

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