Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shabby Chic End Table

Table Before

Do you not love this table?! I picked up a couple of tables from a friend of mine and immediately liked this piece. It has great features and the legs might be my favorite part. They are so classically simple, yet make the table so adorable. I wanted to feature the legs without overdoing it and I felt that the use of two colors (one for the top and details and one for the legs) would make this table pop. I chose a light blue and creamy white. I normally have an idea of what I want the finish to look like, but with this guy, I just knew what colors I wanted. Many times, I will paint and then test a small area with different things like sanding, chipping, etc. to see what I think looks the best. In this case, I loved the look of fully distressing the piece, so that's what I set off to do.

The table had been painted an all over grey, but the paint was bubbling on top. This can happen for a few reasons. The biggest culprit is not prepping your surface well enough. I have run into this problem before. The paint needs something to adhere to and if a surface is not clean or has varnish, it can cause bubbling of your paint. Another problem can be heat. I once took a piece out into the sunlight to work on the details and my freshly painted seat started bubbling once it hit the sun. *sigh* Moral of the story: You save a lot of time and effort by prepping your surface right. Each surface is different and there are many removal methods that help get rid of old paint, varnish, lacquer, etc. I will eventually do a post where I can walk you through the steps of prepping a surface correctly. I have learned by doing and failing and loads of research. Anyway, this table just needed a good paint removal and sanding which is what I did. I then got to work on painting it. Once I let the paint dry, I used steel wool to create an overly distressed and shabby feel to the piece. I LOVE this table and think it makes an adorable accent to any room. I envision it as a side table in a bedroom with romantic lighting. Hmmmm, I do need a table in our guest room.... Okay, okay, I digress. Hope you like it!

For Sale: $60
Squeeze- Liz

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