Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY: From Fall to Christmas

I love Christmas. It literally is the most wonderful time of the year! There is something about the chilly air, the smell of fireplaces and pine and the overall feel goodness of the season. I just love it. What I also love is dual purpose decorations. Every Fall, I try to jazz up my house with fall things, like small pumpkins! This year, I decided to carry those pumpkins through to Christmas.

So, what to do with these little guys? Paint them and sparkle them, of course!
What you need:
Mini Pumpkins
Paint (I used white, but any Christmas color will do!)
Glitter (anything to go with your color choice)
Drying Rack OR a Clothes Hanger and String

Step One:  When painting anything, you want to make sure you have a clean surface. So rinse with water and wipe, let it dry.
Step Two: Once dry, dunk the pumpkin in some paint. 
*You can definitely paint with a brush or use spray paint, but dipping is much faster!*
Step Three: Place them on a rack to dry. My ghetto set up (below) is a piece of an old shoe rack that I placed on top of a trash can to drip dry. The way I normally dip something into paint is to first tie a string around it so I can hang it over a trash can. To do this method, just tie a string around the tip of the pumpkin and hang from a clothes hanger. Let dry. The reason I did not use this method is because I did not have sturdy enough string lying around the house to hang the pumpkins, so I settled for this method! The bottom will stick to the rack once dry, so you may have some paint peeling on the bottom, but who sees the bottom anyway? Am I right or am I right?
Step Four: Now that your pumpkins are drying, douse them with glitter. I just sprinkled glitter all over them until I was satisfied. They will need to dry overnight, so after glittering, leave them be!
Step Five: Place them in your home as a pretty decoration!
How cute is this?!!!

Thanks as always for stopping by! Show me your pumpkins!!!
Squeeze- Liz

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