Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Country Charm

 I love a good deal. Well, who doesn't love a good deal? My neighbor was about to donate this end table when she asked if I was interested in redoing it. Umm, Yeah! The great thing about this piece is it is heavy duty, real wood and in excellent condition. She had picked it up as raw wood and just spray painted it a reddish orange color. I really liked the color, but I wanted to brighten it up and add a little country charm. 

I did something I have never done before... I painted right over this color. Gasp! I never do this because I want to start off with a perfectly clean surface; however, I wanted to use this color for when it came time to distressing. Thankfully, it had not been sealed, so I just made sure I cleaned it well and got it as dry as possible and I went for it. I made a paint color using a green and a light yellow color to create a muted yellow with an undertone of green. I wanted it to be as countryesque as I could. So I painted away and when everything was dry and good, I distressed it like it was nobody's business. I carefully sanded so that I wouldn't go past the layer of red-orange. I wanted that to pop through as much as possible. I was very happy with the end result!

Item is for sale for $45.00
Contact me at if interested!
Squeeze- Liz

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