Thursday, November 7, 2013

The little projects that could...

I had a load of pictures of projects that I did and I lost them all. LOST. THEM. ALL. I need a camera. I take pictures with my phone. (I know, I know) Apparently, I did not have automatic backup to my SD card and one fateful day, I dropped my phone in the toilet. I did the rice thing with the phone and nothing. Those of you who says this works... was your phone totally submerged? Do you take it apart and then put it in the rice? Either way, went to get myself a new phone and baaam: nothing was saved. The only saving grace I had was that all of my contacts were backed up to Google. So, I have this list of projects I want to blog about. And I wanted to have the before and after pictures for you, so that I could show you the process, but instead I am left with pictures I either uploaded to Instagram or Facebook. Which are not the in between steps of a project. So, for this post, I am just going to show what I have and try to explain what I did. We will see how this goes.

Baby Signs!

I make baby signs and have been making them for years. It started with me making them for my aunt and her grandchildren. I posted some pictures and people started asking for them. They are hand painted, never traced or stenciled (not that I have a problem with that) and are always tailored to the client's needs. These are a couple that I did with popular characters. If you actually look up a picture of the characters, you will see that I am slightly off in my drawing! But needless to say, I think they turned out fantastic and I love them probably a little too much.

Thing One and Thing Two.

Classic Winnie the Pooh. 

Little Projects!

I love details that can be added to a home. Most of the time, I will repeat the same color in more than one project and I did just that with these two items.

An old wooden frame painted and distressed.

The candle holder has a twin and the pair are for sale for $16.00. These were painted and distressed.



I love chairs... so much so, that I sort of collect them to redesign. Currently, I have three chairs needing to be worked on in our guest room. I think chairs should be unique and a statement piece, even if they are just at your kitchen table. The more mismatched, the merrier!
This may have been one of my favorite redesigns. I had a rickety blue and white chair that needed some serious work. I loved the back and all the little details this chair had to offer. I did some major gluing and sanding and proceeded to paint and re-fabric the chair. I love the cherry red with the light pink and red floral fabric. (I know this picture is blurry... my apologies!)
This item is for sale for $45.00 

This rocking chair I redesigned with a nursery in mind. The chair was in well working condition and just needed a little paint and a cushion. I painted it a muted black and distressed it. I sewed a cushion that features a lullaby on it. It is so adorable!
This item is for sale for $55.00
Boom! I just put like 27 blogs in one! I should do this more often. (Only Kidding!) Hope you all are having an awesome Thursday!
Squeeze- Liz
Any items that are shown for sale are available at: Pedlers Corner. 600 Quintana Road. Morro Bay, CA.
You can always personally contact me about an item! Thanks as always for stopping by!

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