Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY: Antique Glazing

There are a slew of ways to complete an antiqued look and it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with a piece. I recently finished a step table and was thrilled with the response I received! I glazed this piece and wanted to share a DIY tutorial on how to achieve this look.

For this project, I had two matching mirrors that I decided to use the same color and technique on that I did with the step table shown above. 

The first thing you want to start off with is a completely clean surface. Use a lint free rag, dampen it a bit and wipe the entire surface down. Since the mirror is staying as is, I cleaned that portion after the whole project was done.

Now that you have a clean surface (let dry), start your taping. I just taped the outer edge of the mirror. If I get really sloppy, I can always use a razor blade to clean up little messes on the mirror.    

Get to painting!!!! I always do at least two coats of paint. I am impatient and will sometimes start too early... Don't do this. It will make more work for you in the end. Trust me! Let the coats dry thoroughly. For something small like this, 30 minutes should do.

Once your paint is all good and dry, it is time for mixing up the glaze. There are several options of glaze to choose from at your local paint/hardware store, but I  like the non premixed kind, so that I can choose whatever color I want.

I used the Ace brand Latex Glazing Liquid. I am a fan of most Ace products and this one does not disappoint. There is no science to the next steps. Essentially, a little goes a long way. So I mixed one part black paint, one part cream paint and two parts glazing liquid. I stirred until I reached the desired color. In this case, I wanted a grey color.

This is the fun part! Take two rags (lint free) and get one soaked in the glaze and start spreading it on in desired areas. Then wipe off any areas you do not want the glaze with the other rag. Repeat as many times as is necessary to achieve your desired look.  

Dip your rag!

Wipe it on!
Wipe it off!
Let it dry!
Once I removed the tape and cleaned the mirror, I decided to attach some chain I had to the back to give the mirrors a little more of a rustic oomph! This really is a simple way to create something beautiful and charming! How did your project turn out??!!
Item has been sold.
Squeeze- Liz

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