Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chalkboard Envy

I always do the chalkboard out at Dubost Winery and this past week, I really wanted to do something fun with it. I browsed Google images on chalkboard art and became super inspired to doodle and play.

How fun is this?!
I had so much fun playing with this board, I didn't want to stop. I had some small boards laying around my workshop and decided to go on a chalkboard-themed-sign-making rampage.
I have to thank Lucas for this one. It was a huge board that he had cut down into pieces for me. :)
I knew I wanted them to look like a chalkboard, so I chose a greyish black color I had and I decided to lightly paint the board, so that I could later sand it to show the white basecoat through. (Think wiped down chalkboard look after lots of use.) In the meantime, I went to doodle some ideas I had.
Pardon my randomness in doodles.
Before I jumped right on the painting bus, I wanted to make sure that each design idea I had was well thought out and practiced. I don't have much patience, so I could have probably practiced longer, but I was too excited to see my vision come to life.

So... Here is what I made!


Once I was done with the painting and doodling, I did a very VERY light sand on the signs to make them look more chalkboard like.
The white basecoat peeps through just a little and the sign, overall, is slightly textured.
I am just so loving every detail of every sign. I may just start drawing on people's chalkboards for the heck of it.
Squeeze- Liz

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