Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jeff & Ahna Wed!!!

I am lucky to have a huge family and even more lucky to see our family grow. This weekend topped the charts in many ways. My cousin, Jeff, married a beautiful (inside and out) woman named Ahna. Ahna and I met a couple years ago and I was welcomed with a smile and a general excitement from her to meet our family. I knew right away that Ahna was the one for my cousin. I had never seen him more happy, nor had I ever seen him care for someone the way he did for her. When I found out about their engagement, it was nothing short of extreme excitement and sheer enthusiasm for the two! Jeff and Ahna are a very fun couple and those who know them, knew that this was going to be an awesome event. 

I have to give a lot of thanks to Ahna. Since I met her, she has been one of my biggest fans. She is usually the first to "like" and "comment" on my uploaded photos. I love the flattery from her, but what I love the most is how sincere she is with my work. From the first week she was engaged, all the way up to the wedding, I got to know her in a creative way. She had a vision of what she wanted her day to look like and we would talk ideas constantly. Ahna filled my creativity jar (if there is such a thing) and made this past year really exciting for me. We discussed many options and what I appreciated about her was her honesty. She knew EXACTLY what she wanted and because of this, my job was that much easier. We would toss ideas out and go from there. Working with her was such a pleasure.

Ahna wanted a rustic theme for her wedding using burlap, mason jars, lavender and wood. This theme provides for a relaxed, fun and classy environment that is full of creativity. It suited her and Jeff perfectly. From the flowers to the mason jars to the linens, Ahna was very good with the decision making. She made everything go together seamlessly. Her vision turned out nothing short of stunning.

It is funny to me that people compliment my handwriting. I am the first to say that I don't like it, but often, I am met with an eye roll. I guess you are your own worst critic. Ahna wanted to tie my handwriting into the details of the wedding and it started with her Save The Dates. I wrote out, 'Save the Date' and my sister, Jehn Glynn, a visual designer, used an image of my writing and created the Save the Date. The photo used was from Jeff and Ahna's engagement shoot done by the talented, Courtney Z

How cute is this?!

So, here we go with all the details that made the day...

Item 1: The Menu. 

The first idea we had started on was the menu. She wanted to use palettes and she had seen the work I had done for a pick up party. This is where Ahna is beyond awesome. I walked her through how to create the palette board using chalk paint and stain and she willingly made it before I arrived, so all I needed to do was write on it and add a little burlap, of course!

I loved the way it turned out and let me just say, their menu selection was delicious! 

Item 2: The Seating Chart.

She knew she wanted to use a palette for the seating chart, but wasn't sure exactly how to go about it. We had thrown around many ideas before coming to the conclusion that burlap would be placed behind the palette with the table charts attached. Again, Ahna stained and painted the palette before my arrival, so I was able to just put it together using lots of staples! The chart sheets were written out by my aunt and I just added the table numbers! I think this was my favorite detail!

Photo Cred: Courtney Z

 To have a vision in your head come to life, like this item did, is an amazing feat!

Item 3: Multiple Chalkboards.

I loved this project so much because I was given free reign to create the chalkboards as I saw fit. She wanted to showcase the Cocktails and Beer and her hashtag  #jadenneywedding. To make these chalkboards I selected three frames. I then chose a color that I thought would go well with her theme and painted and distressed the frames. I added a piece of plywood painted in chalkboard paint and went on to draw and write!


Photo Cred: Courtney Z

Item 4: Directional Sign.

Ahna loves signage and wanted to use a play on words that weren't so literal for this sign. Her uncle, Scott, built the pole and again, all I had to do was write on it. Have I mentioned that I love Ahna for this? We decided to use : Dance it Up, Cheese it Up, Drink it Up, Freshen Up and Eat it Up! We thought that this would be an adorable way to showcase the different places at the event. 

Photo Cred: Courtney Z

Item 5: Make the Place look Beautiful!

I really have an awesome family, as does Ahna, who were all willing to help! Before the rehearsal, we were able to go in and set up for the day, while making final touches the following day. Thank you MG Ballroom  for allowing us ample time to make it look beautiful! There were lots of items like burlap, lavender and pine cones to spruce up the place. I was a kid in a candy store! 

This was an ugly metal door stopper! 

 At the entrance to the ballroom!

Ahna has an eye for detail and isn't afraid to get dirty. She made the mason jars that doubled as party favors for the guests using chalk paint and writing the names on the side. She added the little stamped wooden charm detail using raffia to tie it. I loved the way everything came out! 

Photo Cred: Courtney Z

Photo Cred: Courtney Z
How amazing are these jars?

Another great gift for guests, sunglasses!

Photo Cred: Courtney Z

Photo Cred: Courtney Z

The only addition I made to the tables were the table numbers and the Bride and Groom seating plaques (which I only wrote on because Ahna had it ready for me!!!). Ahna picked out a wonderful arrangement of flowers and the burlap went beautifully with the white linens. Her attention to detail and knowing what she wanted made for a beautiful reception!

This event was nothing short of incredible. The bride and groom were beautiful together and we had a blast! Ahna and Jeff- much love and luck for your future together!

Squeeze- Liz

Thank you Courtney Z for providing photos of the decorations!


  1. Liz you did such a fantastic job for this wedding!!! Everything looked amazing!!

    1. Thanks Liz! This was a solid effort on everyone's part, including the bridesmaids!!!! I had way too much fun! If you are ever in the area, let me know... let's wine taste! :)