Monday, October 28, 2013

French Provincial Night Stands

I was so excited to have these two pieces cross my path not too long ago. I happily took them off my friend's hands. I have been really inspired by French design lately, so these were a perfect addition! 

The two night stands were very lightly painted, sort of like a white wash. The hardware as well was painted, but they had good structure and were well made. 

I am not sure how I decide what I want to do with a piece. I guess I stare at it for a long period of time and then look to see what supplies I have. I try not to purchase any more than I have too, since I already have a large supply of materials. I dug around for a while and found a mismatched blue paint. I like to call it, "coastal blue," though I have no idea what color it was originally! Anyway, off to stripping the paint off the hardware (check out my previous post on how to do this!) and painting the pieces!

Presto, Chango! After.

I did a little distressing to the blue portions and spray painted the original hardware. I think they turned out fantastic!

 Item has been sold. 
Squeeze- Liz


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