Saturday, September 21, 2013


Spreading the word about your own business has proven to be quite a task. I have always relied upon word of mouth through friends and co workers, but what do you do when all that has changed? I am in a new city and am finding that the challenge is far more daunting than I realized. I spend my days (mostly) working on projects that are piling up in my garage, at the ranch (it is harvest right now!) and maintaining a household (barely!) all while trying to get my name around.

BUT (yes, there is a but) I have neighbors who have seen my work and who have requested business cards for friends. This is a relief to have such a welcoming neighborhood. They seem eager to learn more and I am thrilled! Two of my neighbors, Wendy and Ed, took a liking to my work and much to my pleasure, they requested that I make them  a chess table and match a bookshelf to go side by side. I have never made a chess table, let alone hand paint one, so I was very hesitant. I cannot simply say no, because its work and work I love, but I want them to be happy. Actually, I want them to be more than happy. I want them to tell their friends and family! I want work!!

Bookshelf Before

Table Before

So, off to work I went. She wanted black and white. (I feel this is a theme lately with me!) I could talk about how much I love black and white in general, but I will not bore you with how much I like it!

Both the table and bookshelf were in great shape. I chose to sand a little and prime all the materials. Once sanded and primed, I got to work on the chess board. We own a chess board, so I used those measurements to create this board. The one thing I was worried about was straight lines. So, I knew I had to use a LOT of tape and boy, did I. I started by drawing the whole thing out with a pencil and yard stick to get the board down. I then taped off sections and painted away. Once I pulled the tape off, the lines were as even as I hoped they could be.  There was a little bleed through that I touched up using a very small, angled paintbrush. In total, the chess board took 3 days to complete. Each moment spent in those three days did not exceed an hour. This was a patience project for sure. I just wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible, if not perfect. Patience in my line of work, really is a virtue.

Taping and painting. Painting and Taping

A little bleed through.

The remainder of the project was relatively simple. Again, just patience with drying time for the paint. I chose to color block the items to make them look more sleek and modern, which is the feeling I received from Wendy. She gave me free reign to do the project as I saw fit, but meeting her design needs and taste is a must. I wanted the items to look clean. I used polyurethane on the chess board to seal it so the pieces will move easily and the table can be used for repetitive use. I know that Wendy and Ed were very pleased and I thank them for challenging me with this project. They were a pleasure to work for. 

Final Product!

Final Product!

What do you think about the project?

Squeeze - Liz 

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