Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gettin' Chippy With it... DIY

A couple weeks ago, I had redone an old door and was shocked to see how many people wanted to purchase the door off of me. I eventually sold it, but felt extremely inspired to keep this 'old chippy' door trend going. So, I went on a hunt for doors. Thankfully, I live in area where there are ranches galore. Most ranches (that I have come into contact with) have been developing their property over many years. In doing so, they have what is known as a 'boneyard' where old items go. This is pure GOLD for finding old doors. Through a friend, I was able to go meet a ranch owner and much to my delight, was bombarded with an inordinate amount of doors, screens and windows. The one above is one of many I picked up.

This is how it started off.
The door itself was filthy, beaten up and all around, nasty; BUT, that is the beauty in it. The old weathering, along with the sun damaged paint and overall wear and tear makes this a perfect project for revamping.

Here is what you need:
Multiple rags
Paint Scraper
Danish Oil (or any stain you desire)
Make certain you are in a well-ventilated area along with an area that you don't mind getting wet or dirty. I opted to use my backyard which is where I do most of my work anyway.
Hose that baby down!

After it is good and dry, scrape away any lose paint.

Now the fun part: seeing the beauty of this old door unfold. I prefer to use Danish Oil for stains on many of my projects because it gives a really nice protective finish that has durability. You can find it at any hardware store in the paint aisle. However, you may use any stain your heart desires. Any stain will do the trick.

This is what I used.
Apply the stain as you see fit. For me, I prefer a few coats so that it really darkens up. For this project I wanted to have a dark stain against the light paint.

The piece is missing hardware so I opted to tie a burlap bow in place of the door knob. This will be used as a display wall until it sells. I will post pictures of it in use.

The finished project!

Item has been sold. 
Squeeze- Liz

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