Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Permanent Sharpie

I am sure you have all seen the Pinterest posts about baking Sharpie on dishes and making it permanent. And like many of you, I thought 'what a great idea!' I decided that what I wanted was to create Shel Silverstein poems with the Sharpie and utilize the black and white imagery. So, off I went to Good Will, got some fancy plates for cheap... and a little something something for my kitchen. Okay, I digress. So, I picked up my A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein and went on drawing. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees. After preheating, stuck the plates in and voila! Permanent writing. I took the dishes out, let them cool and decided to hand wash them and low and behold, the writing started wiping off. I then went on a mad rampage of looking up every little piece of information to find out how the heck to make the Sharpie permanent. I laugh as I write this... The thought that I am having trouble making a permanent marker, permanent... I mean, seriously! The internet was hit or miss; some people had success while others didn't. I went to Michaels and found some paint specifically designed for ceramic and went to work. Not thrilled. To me, it looked like puff paint and a kindergartner had drawn it. I baked it anyway, and it does work. It is completely permanent, but the look was not what I wanted. Frustrated, I went back to the original Pinterest post and noted that she used dollar store plates. So, I took a trip to WalMart. I swear, I cannot tell you why I cannot do what I am told, but I just did not want crappy dollar store plates. So I found white plates at WalMart (much better, right? HA!) and went home to take to drawing again. This time, I did things a little different and it was a SUCCESS!

Here is what you need:
Inexpensive Plate
Sharpie Fine Point Marker
Rubbing Alcohol

Step ONE: Make sure plate says oven or microwave safe. Less glazing on plate, the better. I used Mainstays brand from WalMart.  

Step TWO: Wipe down the entire surface with rubbing alcohol. (I read that glass cleaner works too, but I went with the alcohol)

Step THREE: Decide what you want to say or draw on the plate and create it using a fine tip Sharpie pen.

Step FOUR: This is really important: Put the plate in a cool oven on a baking sheet and  heat to 350 degrees. Set timer to 30 minutes.  

Step FIVE: When the timer goes off, turn the oven off, BUT let the plate cool with the oven. In about 40 minutes, you can take it out. 

This one was my favorite of the bunch.

This should now be permanent. I recommend putting a HAND WASH only disclaimer on the back. I hand washed it, used a scrubber for signs of smudging and NOTHING!!!! I was so excited to have this work!

This is a great project for just about anything. You can have kids design on a rainy day, give out as gifts, etc. As for me, mine are going to the little ones in our family as gifts. Comment below and let me know how your project went.  

Squeeze -Liz

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