Monday, April 8, 2013

Buried Treasure

My boyfriend's family has a ranch out here in California and many times, treasure can be found. I was looking for some tools out at the ranch when I took notice to a small box on one of the shelves in the workshop. It was incredibly unique, filthy, and filled with dust and dirt, but it had major potential.  


I did some research on this item and found out that it had become popular in the 1900s and was used as a jewelery box. The inside usually had lining (which was no longer in this box) and were made of several different metals. You can read a little more on the item here. So, I knew immediately that I wanted to clean it up and make a lining for it. 

I placed the box in distilled vinegar overnight to give it a good clean and then purchased a metal polish. I was a little scared to touch the box, but I went ahead and started applying the polish. 
A little polish and you could see the metal coming through beautifully!

I kept working the polish in and cleaning it up until I couldn't clean it anymore. This box's metal had verdigris (patina) on it that I couldn't clean up; however, I really liked the look of the aged metal and was very happy with the end result. To create the lining on the inside, I opted to use a thin layer of foam with a deep red crushed velvet fabric. I purposely did not glue the foam in as I did not want to ruin the box by adding glue, so I made sure the foam was cut to fit snugly. I really wanted to keep the box as true to its original form as possible and I hope I gave it justice!

The finished project!
Item has been sold.
Squeeze -Liz

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