Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers!

There is something about taking the time out to think about a person and specifically tailor a gift to make them feel special. I simply love giving gifts and thankfully, Lucas is in the same boat.

I knew right away that I would need to be themed with whatever we decide to do from here on out. I wanted the gift wrap, the colors and all those small details to blend seamlessly together. Thankfully, there are a lot of available options out there.

I bought a wax seal stamp from BacktoZero. I LOVE wax seals and though my original intent for the stamp was to use it for the invitations, I ended up applying it to our gift wrap. I just love the way it turned out. It adds such a nice finishing touch.

We wanted to be simple for the flower girls. So, I put together a sweet note with confetti. They are both under the age of three, so I didn't want to give them anything too crazy. By the time the wedding rolls around, I have some ideas for unique gifts. (wink face!)

We got a little more elaborate with our gifts for the Ring Bearers. I have to give Lucas credit for this one. It was all his idea to use a teddy bear with a ring pop. I made the bears a little bow tie and added the ring pop! Soooo cute!

The bears we found are made by Bears For Humanity. They are a certified organic teddy bear and for every purchase, a bear is given to a child in need. Not to mention, they are adorable to boot!!! 

EEK!!! This is so much fun! Next up: Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!!!

Have an awesome day!

Squeeze - Liz

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forgotten Item: Vintage Spring

I recently posted my latest redo of a yellow dresser. To stage it, I chose to use dried flowers in a unique vase. I thought it was the perfect use for an old spring I had around! I dry a lot of flowers and like to use them in my decorating. There is something very romantic and sentimental about it to me.

The spring was found out at the winery. I am not sure if it was a bed spring, but that is what I am thinking it was. If you have any other thoughts on what it was a spring to, feel free to let me know!

Swoon! Am I right?

This is where the vase now resides:

Check out my post on the suspended shelf! Hope you are all enjoying your day!

Squeeze - Liz

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dreaming in Color

Hello Everyone! It has been so very long! With the wedding just a little over 40 days away, life has been, well, hectic. I am not complaining, but my poor workshop hasn't been happy. It's loaded with neglected items and half finished projects. I had started this piece almost a year ago. I had a vision, and I kept to that vision, but I most definitely didn't think I was going to leave it for as long as I did. Well, thankfully, I got some time and finished her right up! I am thrilled with the results and it is staying in our home. Where it will go, I have no idea... But, I will not part with it!!! Such a breath of fresh air having this checked off my list and it is soooooo yellow! *Swoon*


I just love the dark stain on top of such a bright color! What do you all think? I hope to be detailing more fun projects soon!!! Missed you all!

Squeeze - Liz

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm Getting Married!!!

You guys, I am elated. I am overjoyed. I am so very excited to be marrying my best friend, Lucas!!!!

I don't even know where to begin... Here is a starter, I did NOT see this coming. Well, I mean, we have definitely discussed marriage but I was envisioning it more in the future, not now! So, when the fourth of July rolled around, this was very far from my mind.

We have two anniversaries. Yes, two. On July 1, 2011, I moved to Sacramento to start my journey with Lucas. That weekend, the fourth, we spent a beautiful couple of days in Napa. While we were there, Lucas said that he wanted to celebrate our anniversary on the fourth, because, that way, there will always be fireworks. Yes, folks, that is right, "SO THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FIREWORKS." **swoon** Since then, we have celebrated it on the fourth, but are also very aware of how important the first is as well.

This year, we celebrated our four year anniversary. My dad and step-mom, Susie, were in town and we held a small family BBQ at our place. The whole day, Lucas was acting so strange. He was visibly nervous and I thought it was because my family was in town. That, or the fact that we were hosting a gathering. Looking back, it is so funny because all the signs were there, especially the closer we got to fireworks, but again, I was clueless.

We went to the beach and as the sun was starting to set, Lucas asked me to slow dance. We do this often, so I didn't put to much stock into it, then I looked over and he was on one knee. This part is a complete black out moment for me. I was so overwhelmingly happy and surprised that I cannot remember what happened!!! Here is what happened according to eye witnesses aka our families. Lucas asked if I would make him the happiest man for the rest of his life, I said, 'are you serious?!' then I shoved him a little and said, 'thank you.' It was a moment of tears and joy. We popped some champagne and Lucas and I spent some alone time on the beach. It was hands down, the best day of my life so far!

Family is the most important thing to me and Lucas nailed it in two different ways. First, my family and his family were there. Not too mention he asked permission from not just my Dad, but from my Sister and Brother as well. (Thank you, Jehn and Tommy, for keeping it a secret from me!) Second, my ring is Lucas' grandmother's EXACT ring. It is so special! (and beautiful!) I think it is fair to say, he is a keeper!!!

Now it is time to do all the fun stuff!!!!! I will keep you updated with all of the fun little details!!!

Squeeze - Liz

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Updated Corner Hutch

It has been a while friends! I feel like I am always giving excuses as to why I have been so busy, but I swear, it is all true! I got a new position at a wine bar and I am loving it! Coupled with the winery, I have been too pooped to pick up a sander or a paintbrush. It is a very good thing indeed, but I have missed my projects!

Did you know that I have a garage full of stuff? Loads of stuff waiting (patiently) for me to beautify them. About a year ago, I bought a corner hutch at a local garden store. I saw it and fell in love with the shape, but was not in love with the look of it. Let's be honest, it needed updating. I feel so bad saying that because I know someone put their love into it. The flowers were hand painted and that takes time. *Says little prayer to the paint gods that I am not doing something very, very wrong.* Anyway, it was time to get this hutch out of the garage and into our home!

Just a couple of days and a few coats of paint later:
I am purposely not showing you the rest of the dining area because I am making some major changes and will reveal that in a later post! Oh and notice the new grout that I showed you in a previous post? So much cleaner!!!
I love this piece! EEK!
Squeeze - Liz

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Let me start off by saying that this project took FOREVER!!! Not because it was a difficult piece, but because anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. If there was ever a time for Murphy's law to be applicable, this past month would definitely apply. I will focus solely on what went wrong with the project as opposed to everything else that happened. (Blog post on that later)

So... I first got the bed at the end of January. Yes, January. At this time, I was working a lot and knew that it was going to be slow. I don't mean, like two weeks slow, I mean, like a month slow. BUT, now it is the beginning of April!!! That is a crazy turn around time... I am not proud of it and I want to thank Sarah in advance for being a PATIENT rock star! Sarah - You are amazing.

This is the only before pic I have... 

You all remember Sarah? If you don't, I have done a fabulous Blue Chair and some adorable Night Stands for her. When she called me and asked if I would do a bed for her daughter, Elizabeth, I couldn't have said yes faster! Elizabeth is such a sweet little girl and let's be honest, girl stuff is awesome! I was even more excited that she wanted it a shade of berry pink! (Color: Berry Wine by Benjamin Moore) The thing I love about Sarah (yes, I have said this before) is that she knows exactly what she wants. There is no guessing with her. The paint color is sent immediately to me, I ask a few questions and VOILA! So you would assume this would be an easy, quick project, but nooooo.... why, would that ever be the case?

Doin' Work!

Here is what happened...

I was almost done... I mean, putting the last coat on the last piece almost done and the headboard was run into and knocked over. I am not going to name anyone, (ah hem, Lucas), but s**t happens. This thing, this piece of a bed, broke into two as it smacked the ground. It all happened so fast, but there I was, standing over my almost finished piece and there it was BROKEN! And why couldn't it have been just a dent or a ding? Why of all ungodly times, did this piece, the last piece, have to be snapped right down the center?!! I lost it.   

That may not look like a lot, but here is what had to be done. All of the paint needed to come off, then the crack needed to be repaired. Lucas deserves an award. He immediately ran to the hardware store, picked up supplies and got to work. It was cracked on both sides, so we started with one side, bonding and gluing, then did the other side. The curing process is approximately 24 hours each side. We than sanded and sanded to make the bonding seamless. After that, repaint. *sigh*

It actually turned out great, but was such a blow, I just couldn't even deal.

All in all, it got finished! I am happy with the end result and I think, Elizabeth is too!
Sarah - you are amazing! Enjoy!!! Lucas- Thank you for all of your help in repairs!
Squeeze - Liz

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goodbye Brown Grout!

We have tile and lots of it. It is great because we live by the beach, so clean up is always easy; however, our grout, is well, dirty looking. I promise you it isn't. I have scrubbed, bleached, hydrogen peroxided the heck out of it and it just remained brown. EEK! So, I started doing some research and found a great blog with great results. Young House Love had raved about using Grout Renew, so I thought, I might as well give it a try.

Before I went all crazy on our bathroom, I tested a small area first. We have some hidden tile where we keep our trashcan, so I did it there. I flipped out over the results. It just looked so CLEAN! and FRESH! and NEW! So, I stayed up until 2 am and did the bathroom. The remainder of the house is now on the list.

I achieved this result by:

1. Sweeping and doing a really good mop. I made sure it was super clean and dry before I applied.

2. Squirt a little on a toothbrush and rub into the grout. Keep a wet cloth by you to wipe up excess on the tile. (You may need to practice to get the hang of it) A little goes a long way.

3. Repeat Step 2.

It is time consuming as you can only work small areas at a time. My bathroom took a little under an hour.

I will keep you posted as I do the remainder of the house!

Squeeze - Liz